my art in the park excursion

two things i am guilty of:
(this breaking down of thoughts into numbered buckets heavily influenced by the recent exposure to spoken word)


i passed by the booths perfunctorily.
after all there is a deluge of art to be seen in so little time. hence each of the artworks got an average of only half-a-second gander.

but contrast this against the thinking, the careful crafting that must’ve taken hours and hours, and emotions the artists have devoted to each of their works.

the paintings and prints, deformed iron and wood, faces animals still life aliens, paint blots and gradients, deliberate or not,
they don’t deserve my peripheral half-a-second glance
they deserve a sincere connection
for me to study the theme the intent, to ogle the lines and colors
they deserve an attempt to be understood
they deserve to affect a human
to make someone vulnerable



i’m sorry that i’ve gone to the park without an intent to buy