thoughts about nirvana

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor shared in her TED Talk the scientific answer to attaining nirvana: letting go of the past and the future.

So if I want to achieve the ever-elusive peace of mind— nirvana— now, I need to forget everything about the past. I need to sweep away the old pains and pleasures. And I need to consciously disconnect myself from the future, including the repercussions of my present’s actions.

Unwrinkle the brow.
And connect with the world.

But it ain’t easy to attain. We are conceived to a culture of societal norms, rules, and obligations. And it is not easy to severe the self from the expectations, especially when it fulfills our physiological needs [and now Maslow’s pyramid makes so much sense].

It must be then that nirvana is the anti-thesis of the world’s expectations. -_-
Sad? Yes. But I think once in a while it is forgivable to experience the disconnect. Or the delightful intense connect to the present.

Tara na sa nirvana?

On a lighter totally unrelated note, don’t you think sneezes and yawns are cousins…