a dream about a storyboard

I was at the peak of stress and was doing something really important, when I remembered that I needed to go to Joan’s house. I promised I would help her apply foundation to prevent her allergies. So in the middle of my chaos (which I forgot what specifically), the chunky black telephone with the red blinking light rang. It was Joan; she was angry and not understanding of the stressful situation I was in.

So then I left my chaos, went to her place to appease her, then applied the foundation.

There was also a party at her house. Several of the people from Brashier were there including Madame, their Managing Director, who strangely looked like someone from Vanwart. She said they were looking for a new hire. Joan referred me immediately. Madame the Managing Director asked if I wanted Accounts or Creatives. There was 2-3 seconds of internal vacillation before I answered.

“Accounts. Though I want Creatives, it’s too technical for me.”

Madame nodded approvingly, as if she understood how I felt.
Then she showed me a storyboard.

Suddenly I was part of the storyboard.

I was on the backseat of a car. The aircon was on. There were people inside the car (forgot what we talked about). Then there were people outside (cannot remember HOW they were outside basta nasa labas lang). The people outside were gradually evolving to be vampires.
When they became full-fledged vampires, they attacked the car. I locked all the doors, but my mates willingly submitted themselves to the vampires. Good thing I was quick enough to relock the car when my mates went out.

In utter panic, I drove the car even if I do not know how to drive one.
The vampires chased me.
Then I awoke.

The end.


another dream in a dream

I dreamt that I dreamt…

I was a newly wed. My husband and I were staying in a small condo with warm yellow walls. We had two cats. One white, one striped brown. The striped brown one named Paula leapt on top of the table, and mixed the lumpia concoction with egg. The action was very human, but we weren’t surprised at all. It was like seeing a typical dog trick.

And when I woke up in my dream, I chronicled it in my fake moleskine.
And now that I woke up from my real dream, I’m chronicling it online.

dream about hiding underneath a two-legged dining table

Trying to remember from fragments…

I was with my “team”. We all slept in the same room, and dreamt the same dream. Typical dreaming in a dream type of dream. I expressed my astonishment (re: strange same-dream phenomenon), but was dismissed with nonchalance. I flirted with Drummer Boy who wore thick make-up. Minay and Aries snickered behind my back. I hid under our two-legged dining table, then a carpenter showed me an empty sardines can with tuna bits inside.

I wonder if Drummer Boy, Aries, Minay and the carpenter who looked like our messenger had the same dream as mine.

a musical dream

Just woke up from a dream where I composed a song, complete with the lyrics and tune and a nice rhythm too, all on blotchy blue ink.

I felt older in my dream, like I was already going to get married or something. So then it was nighttime, and I sang my song as I walked down a street I didn’t recognize. There were no romantic post lamps; just intersections, and buses and cars speeding by. I felt old… I felt really old as I sang my song.

But I don’t remember any bit of it now, except for the strange first three notes: do, fa, sol.