a birthday reflection

Today marks my 27th revolution around the sun.
This marker, while inherently insignificant, is a good reminder to reflect about how the self has fared as a human being.
Here’s a list of the things I’ve learned about life thus far:

Business taught me that there are opportunities everywhere; and spotting those opportunities are easy enough if you want them enough.

Having money taught me the value of financial leverage. How money is not the end, but merely a means.

Failing at work taught me that failing is a necessary pain to understand better; and that the best reaction to failure is in two parts: acceptance, and clear next steps to move forward to do better.

Voraciously reading for leisure taught me how to love learning new ideas and perspectives. And that apparently, this has been my secret weapon in treading life.

Being kind without agenda (pure thoughts, words, and actions) taught me how it is the only principle that is an absolute positive. You can never go wrong with kindness – both to others and to yourself.

Constant reflection and introspection taught me to question why I do what I do, and how I can add real value to the world. It has taught me to not take things as it is, to question, to challenge.

Constant reflection and introspection also taught me that life cannot be predicted, no matter how hard you plan or dream.

Unconditional love for my family taught me how to bite my tongue, how to be patient, how to forgive. That these things that I do to them, they do to me too. And these actions strengthen our love for each other more.

I hope to learn more things in the next revolutions around the sun.
So help me, universe.


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