thoughts while waiting at cebuana lhuiller

I’m hungry.

This may sound crazy but I love being able to feel hunger. I love the fact that I walked a few kilometers along Doña Soledad earlier to get to Cebuana Lhuiller. It was hot and humid and noisy. But it’s fine. I love living the real human life — getting hungry and dirty and uncomfortable. I love the feeling of groundedness.

Now I’m in this perfect delicate state of being grounded while still being able to buy the wants, if I want them enough.

Thank you, universe. I feel blessed with this healthy body and happy family and friends.

It can be a burden to hold these two thoughts in the head: 1) the real world is difficult, and can be harsh for majority of the population, 2)  the self is competent and ambitious enough to help those who have it worse.

So while I’m content with the self, I still need to take action because I know better.