second tuesday

to have committed sin
is to sing the song of gods
it is to hear a cacophony
in an infinite crescendo and decrescendo
it is an open wound at the back of your head
so you try to keep the flies away
your hands with pristine skin have the
faintest smell of sardines
a nagging stink from the inside
an eclipse is in your mouth
it tingles
you feel dark and dangerous


2 thoughts on “second tuesday

  1. Mmmm. I like it but “song of humans” sound too human. Perhaps something else? Gods? Mermen?

    I love all the rest! The hands smelling like sardines… I wonder if that means… I think I know what that means :)

    I want to say more, but dammit. Let’s discuss this in person. I’m jealous you get to write, I never find time.

    1. thank you jamoy. :)
      i agree, song of humans sounds too human. i might edit it. haha.

      *i did edit it*

      i still write because of our tuesday poetry group in the office. we write poetry for 15-30 mins then read it to each other.
      you should spearhead something like that too in your office! :)

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