on economics and changing the world

Economics is the field of study which can directly influence the welfare of humans. Economic policies goad market movements and prices, consumption, investments, and savings, which inflict real impact on the population’s well-being. I realized this 2 weeks ago when we shopped for Noche Buena goods, and prices were gog damn high. I thought some macroeconomic policy could have influenced the prices. (And I can only do so much in digital advertising. It is a heavy sentiment.)

But the power economics wields is merely romantic. The concepts are highly theoretical and ideal. And people who have the real heart to alleviate their country’s/ the world’s condition, at the same time have a knack for the craft, and have the resource and charisma to implement it are almost fictional.

Maybe Monsod is the closest economist who realized this. And she chose to spend her scarce time resource to teaching and inspiring her students, which can potentially yield exponential results–more economists with honor and excellence.

I wish I realized this early on. It would have given me inspiration and strength to be good at the craft. Unfortunately the big picture answer to “why economics?” came to me 7 years late. I hope economics students recognize that they have the potential to make the world a better place. (Cheesy, but why not :P)


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