#34 by Dave Matthews

listen, listen carefully to the lithe music
poetry of sounds, jazz and rain drops
listen to the hiccuping beat
and the sweet, sweet hum of the metal wind
listen to the soothing of a language with no words
listen to my mellowest delight

addendum to #34

and if and when i hear your song again
a sentimental stupor will come over me
(an aural memory trigger in action)
and it will feel like i was back in limbo



ang pagkasuklam ay wala nang saysay.
laspag na ang lakas, at
ang tanging hangad ay sumuko
magbilin na lamang sa oras—
na siyang bubunyag sa budhi ng hudas

a slow poetry

and this night she spends
in involuntary thought

the left hand feels
the scalp and the hair roots
a massage for thoughts about
the incredulity of speed of time

she draws an imagery of its loathesome haste–

a massive massless entity that
runs faster than the earth’s rotation
(that part she says out loud–
“earth’s rotation”)
its arms
astronomical and multiple and agile
hoist and carry people away

instigator of
a voracious human heist

right before her eyes



and hopes to stall
by typing
a slow poetry
under the darkest indigo