thoughts about the beauty of life

In the oddest moments, with no concrete nor logical reason, I just feel like crying. I am suddenly struck by the realization that the world is so beautiful and incredible and that life is a gift we should cherish.

It is strange how this feeling came to be. I was minding my nightly business, having my daily fix of Google Reader when I chanced upon a poem by John Masefield. The first line went like this,

“Night is on the downland, on the lonely moorland
on the hills where the wind does over sheep-bitten

The string of words is nothing extra-extraordinary [well, it is poetic!], but it moved me to this… ineffable state.

The world is a big ball of emotions. The world is alive. The world is a big ball of incomprehensible, overwhelming, beautiful emotions that can swallow your soul and extract oceans from your eyes.

I must be drunk with the beauty of life.