thoughts while in-transit

July 19 2010, 1035pm, in the shuttle to Doña Soledad

I learned how to read piano notes as early as 5. But I was one of those pupils intimidated by their quintessential old piano professors who exercised corporal punishment by slapping their students’ incompetent hands. I quit after I finished Grade 1 level. Over the years though, I found playing the piano therapeutic, so until now I try to learn pieces both classical and pop and Respekt (albeit more often than not unsuccessfully).

I figured that there are three piano skills one should acquire to attain mastery.

Assuming “mastery” = “the ability to sight-read”,

(1) One must be able to read notes, which could be acquired via formal lessons coupled with practice.
(2) One should learn how to optimize finger movement, which is actually taught in formal piano lessons.
(3) And my newest realization: One should be able to play the notes without actually looking at the music sheet, as it would be impossible to constantly glance back and forth from the sheet to the keys especially when the tempo is fast.

But there are many other definitions of mastery I cannot yet or ever deconstruct, like composing and playing by ear. Good luckt.

Insight of the night. Bow.


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