window to the soul

June 27, 2010

The past 2 weekends have been relatively unproductive. Before (i.e. pre-Bora and pre-Japan) I would have prepared a weekend to-do list first thing on a Saturday morning. Now I condone getting up at 11am. It was such a sin before.
Yesterday I finished all my Google Reader items and I’ve accomplished my Poupee daily routine and goals – finally bought the coveted Flower Accessory which cost me a whopping 1.5k ribbons.
Last week only 1 out of 5 nights did I OT. I did not go to the office yesterday as I would have liked. Today is a Sunday btw.

Zooming out to see the big picture conclusion:
Work has normalized and my weekends are not as hectic.

(This is one of the rare moments when I have temporary freedom from “faux busyness”, which I should spend on reflection)


And so

I think

There is something missing.
Something. Somewhere.
Purpose? Direction?
Maybe so.

[Concealing the long-winded too egocentric babble in my notebook,
which lead to the formulation of the mission-vision:]

I want to live a happy, meaningful life.

By maximizing resources and being emphathic to others.

Although I don’t intend to make it my mission-vision forever, since 22-year olds tend to be myopic.

Nonetheless, I am deadset to live by my official mission-vision.


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