thoughts while literally up in the sky

And we meet again, paper and pen.
Hypergraphia hiatus halted.

May 28, 2010, a little past 4pm

This marks my first domestic flight milestone.

I am in a Zest Air plane to Bora, with 7D.
I sit by the right window. Mico is at my left. And in front of me sits a balding caucasian who wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt. Oh isn’t he ready for Bora.

And oh, am I not ready for another book review, the RH Batacan’s Smaller & Smaller Circles Review.

This is the first time after a long time that I’ve read a full-length English novel of a Filipino Author.
Since I was used to reading international fiction, I challenged myself to consciously detach my Filipino self and read it as an outsider who wasn’t familiar with our culture. And oh boy, did it rub in that Philippines was in a dire state of poverty.

Perhaps that is one reason why it won the Palanca: the novelette wasn’t shy of reality.
The rich nor the middle class wasn’t represented, which -come to think of it- was contrary to plots of primetime teleseryes.
Perhaps the lot of our population just needs a breather from their impoverished state. (there is a need to be entertained)
Likewise us middle class citizens need to understand the reality that is poverty. (there is a need to be educated)

Ok so it’s not really a book review.


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