May 10, 2010, 3:01 post-election

My right index finger is as purple as this ink.
(For the online reader: Imagine my purple-stained diary)

Dysmenorrhea under this sweltering weather.

My legs are sticky with sweat.
I could smell my menstruation.
On second thought the smell is not of blood,
but of powder-scented napkin.

An olfactory covalence between the two elements has been formally established.


Unto the Atomised review.
Five out of five stars shaded yellow.

And let me present my three criteria for judging:
1. Journey
2. Destination, and
3. Aftertaste
… As always.

Gentle reminder to self, after this discourse there are a tad many things left in my to-do list: Raket 2, Haircut, Vet, Haraya. I could do Raket 2 and Haraya today.

Atomised overwhelms me. There are too many points of discussion and it would be inefficient to review it in an unstructured manner. I would like a copy which would let me bend the spine and dirty the sides as much as I want. I would like a copy so I could underline, highlight, write down notes at the margins. I would like to make several dog ears. The reading experience is maximized that way.
I like my book loved and soiled with use.

Back to Atomised.
Some of the questions/ideas raised:
– Sex decoupled from reproduction
– Cloning vs evolution
– Are we just atoms?

Cannot write further as dysmenorrhea is taking its toll.


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