about the tongue: taste and language

The SYSU/ABS-CBN scrumptious working lunch in X floor made me realize that I have neglected to document one underrated yet important sense: TASTE.

Ironically, my earliest memories of hypergraphia dates back to my 2nd year college self commuting via FX, who wrote about her cravings for Starbucks, describing the details of taste explosion between the cheeks.


5:39pm. Waiting for Leslie in Mary Grace, High Street.

We will watch Himpapawid later c/o Adobo Magazine.

Some observations and insights:

The demographic who hangs out in High Street stereotypically speaks English or they are at least very coñotic. This leads me to conclude that indeed language is a reflection of an individual’s history.

More insight-probing:
Filipinos who are English speakers are (1) educated and (2) have been exposed to an environment where English is the primary language, i.e. parents must be part of the affluent corporate landscape wherein they are required to communicate in the global language. These observations have created then an association that English speakers are rich and educated; a status is automatically attached to such behavior. This “stigma” furthered the desire to use English as (3) aspirational association to the demographic.

But the phenomenon just happens, sans all the overanalysis by Czar. It just happens naturally, without any expressed rationales …like any other social phenomenon. (Egoc moment: would I pass for an amateur sociologist? :P)
Zooming out of this particular AB English-speaker case,
Some aspects of language that may reflect an individual’s history:
– mother tongue
– other languages one can speak and/or write
– accents

Leslie is here.


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