verdict: i have hypergraphia

April 6, 2010, 8:16am, at the family carpool

Last night I discovered I am hypergraphic.
(Thanks for the pre-diagnosis, Bea.)

Hypergraphia is defined as the unusual overwhelming urge to write, which I exhibit. Dudes, read this: I write in buses, FXs, shopping malls, cars, parties, etc.

Hypergraphic writing is not necessarily good, but an article I read last night mentioned it could be “fodder” for editing, which hits the bull’s eye, as most of the time my writings on the notebook are very raw, drafty, unstructured and upon encoding in LJ, I am able to polish and make them more coherent. Picture perfect!

Hypergraphic content is usually driven by philosophical or religious musings, if not autobiographic. And again, bull’s eye. I remember waxing philo as early as 3rd year college, and writing my autobiography as early as 1st year college.

Fuck, it all makes sense now. Some of these instances exhibit hypergraphia:
– I remember that particular first day in Bates. I was pre-lunch time, and I wanted to document my experience so far. I furiously wrote on my tiny orange GSK notebook. Pinagkasya ang florid descriptions of the think tank et al in that tiny writing device. Just because I felt the need to write everything down.
– I also look back on all my drunken moments. In my most judgment impaired state, all I still want to do is write (which got me into trouble haha).
– And there was this other time when I mentioned to Aries how much I love composing work-related emails.

Fuck it all makes sense now.

But would I want to marry another hypergraphic? Maybe not. Imagine–writing together. What a lame bonding experience. Hahaha.


April 6, 2010, 9:30am, at a Client’s lobby

+ Sleepy. I want to fall off this chair, then fall asleep. Fall asleep, then fall apart.

+ A random juxtaposition of book titles: Disgrace. Things Fall Apart. Never Let Me Go.

+ This self-diagnosis of hypergraphia bothers me. Now I write partly because I think I am hypergraphic. Though the accidental discovery is still amazing and it made everything make sense, it’s disheartening to realize my behavior is predictable. I believed all my life that my actions are unique to me. But no. Lo and behold, I exhibit hypergraphic symptoms so precisely. I am predictable, just like how autistics are predictably unemphatic. The philosophical and religious musings are but typical results of the temporal lobe achuchu hypergraphics possess.


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