deconstruction of bncm’s writings

(De Ja Vu, right here, right now. Anyhow.)
March 27, 2010, Saturday, 10:14 am, at Starbucks GB

To understand why I am so in awe of Bea Mariano’s life snippets in LJ
Read her blog here:

Deconstruction Proper:
Her experiences feel so raw and real because of the palpable detail of the details, yet sometimes they feel fictional because they glow with romance.
Her everyday random thoughts come together in an extraordinary juxtaposition. So very effortlessly at that.

The magnificence of her entries I am so in awe of possess three commendable elements:
1. Tasteful unconventional worldview. The world is perceived differently from her eyes.
2. Diligence. As exhibited by the mere volume of entries she has written.
3. Bravery. She is not afraid to leave her soulful thoughts in a blog. She is not afraid of the public. (I think)

I put her and her writings on a pedestal because I seem to lack each of the three, haha.

And you are so under-exposed. Why why why.


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