thoughts while in-transit

Today I rode a jeep to work. I was able to discover a new route that made me daydream about the conveniences of the future. No lates ever again!
But I’m stuck in Buendia traffic.

A lady looks at me intently. She must be in her 50s. Bobbed hair. Must have been real pretty when she was young. She is wearing a sleeveless striped top with colors of subdued Christmas.
Her brows wrinkle.
She saw me write. I wonder what she is thinking about.

Very near ayala at 8:50am.

Why are we so compelled to think about the future? Logically, because we want to minimize stress by being prepared. Why are we sometimes stuck thinking about the past? Because… I can’t think of anything logical. Thus, I shouldn’t. This explains my subconsciously dysfunctional memory.

Why should we think about the past? Question of the day. No BS answers please.

And here we are on Ayala at 8:54am.


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