elevator daydream

I was itching to go home. At the eleventh floor lobby, I waited for the elevator.


The elevator door opened; in it was three people. As I stepped in, I thought how perfect it is now we’re four. In the few seconds we were in that rectangular metal box, I imagined we each had our corner for ourselves. Four corners of the oblate spheroid world ruled by the four people in the elevator.


At a loss for… thoughts. Is that possible?


makati skyline

Surrealism is poetic. Poetry is surreal.


Traffic is congested on Dona Soledad. But mother has to bear with the consequences of being late (for 4 more years, I’m sorry in advance).
I hope, with all my heart and soul and body, that this will all pay-off in the future.


This routine is still so temporary. Given I will live a full life, I will switch jobs, have a boyfriend, get married, have kids, retire. So this– this– every morning routine will be fleeting.

I just saw the Makati skyline again. It gave me goosebumps as I realize this beautiful landscape visited daily won’t be forever.

thoughts while in-transit

Today I rode a jeep to work. I was able to discover a new route that made me daydream about the conveniences of the future. No lates ever again!
But I’m stuck in Buendia traffic.

A lady looks at me intently. She must be in her 50s. Bobbed hair. Must have been real pretty when she was young. She is wearing a sleeveless striped top with colors of subdued Christmas.
Her brows wrinkle.
She saw me write. I wonder what she is thinking about.

Very near ayala at 8:50am.

Why are we so compelled to think about the future? Logically, because we want to minimize stress by being prepared. Why are we sometimes stuck thinking about the past? Because… I can’t think of anything logical. Thus, I shouldn’t. This explains my subconsciously dysfunctional memory.

Why should we think about the past? Question of the day. No BS answers please.

And here we are on Ayala at 8:54am.