thoughts about lunch time while at the lunch table

Some norms we take for granted are actually man-made constructs, ex: the concept of lunch/ dinner. No one really mandated that the middle of the day is the correct time to eat, and quench thirst/ hunger. Did the Mayans had lunch? Was there a communal time for eating? We even impose this artificial sense of time control over animals. We feed them during lunch and dinner time.

What is the relevance of this insight? WALA. I just thought about it. And I’m sure a handful of 6 billion people in this globalwarming-stricken planet thought of this thought already. How original. BUT I wonder how many of the handful thought of people thinking about this thought… I win!

Timestamp placement purports a future-oriented mindset. I know it will be entertaining to look back and glimpse at my 21-year old thoughts, but wouldn’t it be better to contextualize the ideas using timestamps, or at least daystamps.

Forgive the tasteless word vomit.


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