thoughts while in-transit

I am running late. But I don’t care anymore. I feel as if I were that guy from Eternal Sunshine hunched over his journal whispering lead sweetnothings on paper.
Az’s text renders me speechless.
We are but chemical proceses shuffling about.

Fuck. Thinking about the magnificence of this chance makes me cry.

Beautiful chance.
It just so happened that the random interaction of molecules brought about something as precious as life. That now has evolved.

Aren’t we fleeting.
No matter how hard we try, we will be relegated into oblivion in the future.
Even ideas aren’t immortal.
Concrete example: If the sun crashes into earth (or earth crash unto sun), everything will be lost.
The universe will again wait for this right condition, right atom interaction.

I write for leisure.

Physicist x philosopher = mind of God.
Mind x heart = mind x heart


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