thoughts while in-transit

I ask myself the same questions. Always the same questions that ponder life and God and the universe and time. I never get to induce, conclude. Nanganganak lang ng masmadaming tanong ang aking mga tanong. (rephrase) Ang aking mga tanong ay nanganganak ng masmadaming tanong, walang sagot.

Az loves using the word twina.

I ask myself the same questions because the last time I asked them, I wasn’t able to give answers. But I’d like to take them all in slow so slow. No rushing to Nirvana. Exposure to more experiences, broadening my perspectives will take me there.

Lights dance. They are alive. I think. What is life?

During conception, not only is a physical body formed, a soul is too. If we do not reincarnate, there must be frillions of souls abound then.


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