thoughts while at a bookstore

It is so rare to see people read. And even rarer to see people write.

Who writes when they are bored? Who thinks on paper? Do people really find it a hassle to transcribe their musings? I need a bigger journal.

I think the only person I saw write when bored was… her. I forgot her name. I forgot your name, but I remember your face so strangely vividly.



Philosophize is such a big word, no? Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve labeling my heavy daydreaming as philosophizing. But I can’t help it because it captures the the spurred desire of arriving at conclusions and the actual action of making inferences.

memmory trigers

Memory triggers are necessary tools for memory-gapped people like me. It’s too bad though if an experience you don’t want to forget ever is not concrete enough to have a memory trigger. (All this memory blah reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.)

…That’s why sometimes we must consciously create MTs.
A perfect example is a diary, or a small notebook always at an arm’s reach for the fleeting thoughts, like this. With timestamps of course.

And for a guaranteed daydream: do not focus.