first installment

My new dream profession: be paid for pondering about life.

So many unwritten thoughts. Too many, and I’m overwhelmed. They’re all fleeting, flying too fast and too furious — like unswattable flies coming and going inside the kitchen.

If i want to make sense of this I must start writing about THEM, and stop writing about the birth pains of this endeavor. so I present some incoherent musings from yesterday, some externally influenced by Az, Alfie, Nessie:

– Then I am faced with a blank brain [nice alliteration] and semi-blank message box. ellipsis. ellipsis. ellipsis. umbra penumbra!!
– It’s nice to talk to other people about ideologies. Kasi it’s becoming a bit monotonous / pointless if I bombard myself with the same questions and ideas. It’s refreshing to hear about new perspectives. For example, these ideas I have now are common sense to me because that’s how I think, parang output of my nature-nurture thang. However all the other people of the world have a different set of ideas which resulted from a different blend of nature-nurture. Their ideas are common sense to them, pero hindi naman talaga pinagiisipan ng iba. Gets.

Case in point: I was amazed at Alfie’s reason for not joining fraternities. “it’s a broken system” and he won’t promulgate it by joining. Di ba. It may be commonsensical to him, but to others [like me who haven’t really thought about frats] it’s a complete paradigm shift. That’s why I love talking to other people who are not afraid to delve into philosophy! and I THIRST FOR MORE DISCOURSES. I want to expand my understanding of the world. And I want to be paid for it. Because I want pretty clothes. XD Bwahahaha.



hauling the limbs
and tongue to a lazy stupor and
everything else to a frozen dimension
where only the eyelids and the
gentle heaving-tummy speak
where tourettes don’t exist
and things thirst for motion
where writing a comma is a feat and
her troubled rhymes are a devotion
because the cynic is tired